Illusion SPA Covers Review

Are you looking for something to make your home more comfortable and user-friendly? One place you should look at is Illusions Spa Covers. The retail outlet stocks a variety of household goods. You will find specific items to organize your kitchen, such as dinnerware, kitchen utensils and dish-clothes.

Illusions Spa Covers can be found in United States, Riverside CA 92503 at 3300 Harrison St Suite 9, 5466. It seems that people enjoy working for the company. It was rated 5 by 13 clients. To find out more about the firm, browse Call (951) 352-09-9-89 during working hours.


Our Business At Illusion Spa Covers, we design custom spa covers to meet your spa’s needs. We are experts in producing spa covers for many spa brands, styles, and designs. A custom spa cover allows you to choose the material, colors, and design.


Inaugurated in 2003.

Since 2003, llusion spa cover has been a family-owned business. We are proud to offer products that are both reliable and high quality. Our people also custom-craft each hot tub cover, and provide exceptional customer service.

Illusion Spa Covers are made from virgin foam core. This saves you money and makes your spa cover more durable. Each foam core insert is sealed using a poly vapor moisture barrier and a hand-sealing machine.

Our customer spa covers last longer and perform better that any other spa covers.

  1. Foam thickness can be measured in 5”x3” or 4’’x2” taper. This allows for rain and snow to runoff.
  2. Foam Upgrades: From a 1 pound foam to 2 pound foam
  3. We only use marine vinyl of the highest quality with mildew and UV resistance.
  4. To increase strength, we use a steel reinforcement.
  5. Each piece of foam is wrapped by our hands. We seal it with our hands to prevent waterlogging.
  6. 4 locksable CHILD SAFETY that are tied down for security
  7. All covers come with a 3-year warranty
  8. Illusion spa covers guarantee the highest quality spa cover at the most affordable price
  9. The density of the foam determines the weight of a spa cover. It can range from 75 to 125 lbs.
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Measurement Tips

Measure your spa from the outside. Make sure to measure the length and width of the acrylic. If you are measuring the spa cover, make sure it fits correctly on the spa. Measure a spa cover that has rounded corners using a carpenter’s framing tool. You can also measure the Spa from the center of the radius corner.

Illusion Spa Covers offers two styles of Spa Covers. We have 12 color options (Russet and Light Gray, Storm Grays, Charcoal Grays, Charcoal Grays, Palomino Horizon Blues, Forest Greens, Forest Greens, Teal Greens, Forest Greens, Teal Greens, Almond, Brown/Redwood, Tan/Palomino). We also offer accessories, spa coverlifters, steps, and spa cleaners

User Comments

Manny’s Dealing was truly a treat. I received my spa cover two weeks earlier than I expected. Manny is the real deal. I wish there were more stars! !

Our new spa cover is very impressive and we are extremely pleased with it. Our 15-year-old cover was not efficient anymore. We looked at 5 spa cover companies and decided to go with Illusion Spa Covers. Manny was our first and most important. Manny was very informative and helpful in designing the perfect cover. He listened to our needs and made great suggestions for cover. He was both professional and personal. Second, cost. We did our research and found that Illusion Spa Covers was most affordable. Based on the services Manny provided us, as well as the quality of the product, it was also the best value. Third, Manny. (LOL) Manny answered all my calls and textes during the four weeks it took for our cover to be made. Manny was great to talk to and made the process much easier when I had difficulty measuring the spa. The whole process was made easy by Manny.
It fits perfectly and is now in place! It fits perfectly!
We recommend Illusion Spa Covers & Manny highly!

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Great customer service! It is a family-owned business. “Manny” treated me like a close friend from the beginning. He was polite, professional, and helpful over the phone. It is amazing how high quality the spa cover is! It is durable and well made. The quality craftsmanship shows that the family takes pride and care in their work. If you’re looking for a new spa cover, I highly recommend this business. They are comparable in price and are cheaper than many other spas. Manny and family keep up the excellent work! illusion Spa receives an A+ for this rating!

The best way to go is the Illusion spa coverage. Manny was very helpful from the beginning to the end. The spa cover is made of high quality material. They are highly recommended.

I know there’s a negative post, but Manny was awesome! I received the cover, it fits perfectly, looks great, and I would not hesitate to order from Manny again.