Giti Tires Wholesale review

Looking for a reliable and affordable source of tires? Look no further than Giti Tires Wholesale! Offering a wide range of tires for all types of vehicles, this business is the perfect option for anyone in need of new tires. Plus, their prices are unbeatable!

Giti Tires is a wholesale distributor of tires and wheelchairs, selling both new and used tires. They offer a variety of benefits to their customers, including low prices, fast shipping, and a wide selection. One of the most notable benefits of using Giti Tires is their wide selection of tires. They have tires for every type of vehicle and for every purpose, from driving to recreational use. Additionally, Giti Tires offers fast shipping and low prices. Prices for new and used tires are essentially the same at Giti Tires, making it an affordable option for consumers looking for quality tires at a great price.


To meet the needs of a variety of roads, we have developed innovative tires for passenger cars and SUVs as well as 4x4s, commercial vans and trucks.

Passenger Car Tires

Giti offers a wide variety of premium options for SUVs, passenger cars, and 4×4 vehicles, so you can really Enjoy Driving!

Truck & Bus Tires

Learn how Giti tires for commercial vehicles can improve the efficiency and value of your fleet.


AdvanZtech is specialized technology that enhances the driving experience in Giti tires.


Giti Tire uses a global, green manufacturing process to ensure quality for all drivers.

Giti Tire recently opened a manufacturing facility in the United States. This is in addition to existing centers in China, Indonesia and China. It allows for a truly global presence. The combined production capacity of Giti Tire exceeds 100,000,000 tires annually, which serves markets all over the globe.

Giti is committed to quality and consistent manufacturing. Distributors and drivers depend on the highest quality products. This requires extensive research, manufacturing equipment, human resources, quality control, and materials to meet today’s high standards.


Giti’s four production centers are strategically located in China. They have the technology to produce any type of tire to meet the needs of both Chinese and international customers. Each facility has been certified by the environmental and production departments. Giti also considers the impact on the local communities and uses energy-saving, safe, and recyclable processes.

United States

Giti Tire continues to increase production at its fully-equipped new tire manufacturing facility in South Carolina, USA. This factory employs top technology and local resources to produce passenger car tires for North America. It also offers new Giti brand fitments in conjunction with Volkswagen OEM. The facility has a fully integrated R&D center and office, which will continue to provide jobs, opportunities and high-quality products for the local community.


Giti Tire’s Indonesian production center, along with partner PT Gajah Tunggal has decades of experience in producing high-quality motorcycle, truck, bus, and passenger car tires. The facility also has a full R&D centre and proving ground, which allow for all phases of the tire-making process. This is available in the ASEAN region and other global markets.

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Giti Tire combines five cutting-edge R&D centers and testing centers around world with a focus to continually growing product technology.

Giti Tire Global One R&D expands and synchronizes the technology resources of its company with rapidly changing automotive trends. It has technology centers strategically placed in the United States of America, China, UK, China, Indonesia and Indonesia. This allows it to quickly respond to local needs and ensures that new products are available and suitable for each region.

Global One R&D Team is made up of a variety of experts. They use the global technology platform to build their database and develop tire design tools.

Top Design & Analysis Tools

Giti’s strategic focus is on the development and maintenance of computer-aided design tools, compounds and materials. Tire-vehicle interactions simulations and tire-vehicle interactions performance models also meet the needs of global OE car makers. This includes a critical emphasis on wet grip and low rolling resistance. This includes the use of advacned test machinery that is rarely used by other tire manufacturers.

Motorsports and Tire Technology

Challenging Motorsports Extremes remains an important R&D platform where passionate engineers continue to work tirelessly in pursuit of winning solutions through motorsports racing. These tire technologies have been refined to make safer tires that are more suitable for daily driving by Giti customers. One of the most powerful R&D methods is to take tires out on the track in the most difficult conditions and do advanced analysis.


Giti Tire is a global company that serves drivers in over 130 countries around the globe.

Giti Tire has experienced rapid growth in recent years to meet the needs of customers around the globe. The company offers both passenger car and commercial truck and bus tires. It has 11 offices that support distribution to more 130 countries.

Global is more than just a slogan. This requires an openness to other cultures, building partnerships and having diverse teams around the globe. Giti Tire has the advantage of having someone nearby who understands the driving needs of the local community.

A Wide Network at Your Fingertips

Giti Tire is headquartered in Singapore and has more than 30,000 employees around the globe. You will find a team that offers customer service and fleet strategy expertise to help you grow your business or support your individual vehicle. Giti’s top products are available through a wide network of trusted and thoroughly vetted distributor partners.


Giti Car Tires are used on over 565 passenger, truck and bus vehicle models all around the globe.

Giti has built strong brand recognition and its customers can enjoy the satisfaction of its products through partnerships with top global automakers. This results in positive word-of mouth, brand recognition, and a larger replacement market for these patterns.

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Giti Tire is honored to have been selected by top auto manufacturers worldwide, including General Motors and VW. The company currently has over 660 fitments for all vehicle sizes and models, including large trucks and sporty cars.

Passenger Car OEM Partnerships

Giti Tire started US-Made Tire Fitments in the USA for Volkswagon, joining other European models to expand its passenger car partnership reach. The company also provides fitments to nearly all the top Chinese automakers. Giti is able to offer a wide range of OE partnership options with top manufacturers around the globe, including Europe and Asia. This allows Giti to meet all driving needs.

OEM Partnerships for Truck & Bus

Giti’s commercial truck and bus tires offer a variety of tire options to suit different road conditions and driving styles. Giti understands that safety, durability, and efficiency are essential for companies who want to be successful in their daily business. They also focus on helping clients find positive solutions.

Global OEM Partners Awards

It is not enough to make tires for our partners. Giti strives to be the best in quality and consistency. Giti has been awarded numerous partner awards by top manufacturers such as GM over the years. This has allowed it to expand its network of automotive fitment partners.


The world is changing faster than ever before, so it is vital to keep up with digital trends and developments in order to remain relevant and competitive in the market. Giti Tire employs a three-pronged approach to this, which is focused on end-users as well as distributors and employees.

It is becoming more important to adapt to the changing market and industry with all the advancements in digital technology. Giti Tire invests heavily in digital marketing and technology to stay ahead of the curve and remain a leader in this field. This includes end-users and distributor customers, as well as internal employees. In today’s global and dynamic environment, efficiency can be improved by using a variety of carefully selected platforms.

End-User Drivers

A digital impact is crucial for end-users. Today, social media, websites, as well as other instant communication, are the norm. Giti Tire provides a wide variety of touch points to end-users. These include informational, branding and social platforms at a local and global level. This includes the inclusion of enduser ecommerce platforms as well as users in the rapidly growing mobile phone market.

Dealers and employees

Giti Tire provides extensive resources for distributors, including the ability download products, order tires and get promotional items. These tools are in addition to a variety of technical apps and tools. Many digital tools can also be used by employees to improve their efficiency. These tools make it easier to be more productive, comfortable, and interactive in the workplace, regardless of whether you are at the factory, research center, office, or building.

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Giti Wholesale Customers Review

GitiSport S1 tyre performance impressed me during my high-spirited driving. The best part about this tyre? It is much cheaper than most brands, but it has almost the same performance. I will be purchasing this tyre once it is worn out. Instead, I am hoping to purchase the GitiSport model S2.

This tire can be fitted with a low-priced purchase. The summer test result for dry grip was excellent. Although the summer tyre’s wet grip test result was poor, there was no skidding or aquaplaning. I have found a high quality tire at a low price with Sport S1.

I changed my profile to a higher height at 45, and was offered some discounts. I saw the tyre specifications and it seems like a great deal. Giti wasn’t as well-known as Michelin or other big boys so I didn’t expect much. It was worth the wait and I finally gave it a try. I have had no complaints about these tires so far. I was impressed with the dry grip and control. It also worked well in wet conditions. I don’t care what tire I use, caution in wet weather driving is a must. Sport S1 has done an excellent job so far.

I was amazed at how well the dry grip worked. Cornering was even better than I expected. I had no problems with aquaplaning, but it was difficult to tackle on rainy days. This tyre was a great value at a reasonable price.

Giti Sport S1’s pricing is quite affordable compared to other brands. I was initially skeptical about Giti tires because there were so few reviews. I was on a tight budget and had this tire fitted to me. It’s a surprise to me, and it was definitely worth the money. I have driven for over 10,000 miles and the experience has been great. Dry grip was amazing, but wet grip was great. Well done Giti.

I was pleasantly surprised by the tyre’s performance in dry conditions. If you enjoy driving fast in wet conditions, or really wet roads, then you might want to consider a different tyre. Wet handling is extremely dangerous for me and causes tyres to lose grip. In cold weather, it can be difficult to maintain a tyre temperature in these conditions. This causes the tyres lose grip. It is a great price for a high-performance tyre. If you have the extra money, I think you should get a set of PS4.


If you’re looking for a great place to buy tires wholesale, then Giti Tires should be at the top of your list. With competitive prices and a wide selection of tires, it’s no wonder Giti Tires is one of the most popular places to purchase tires online. Plus, their customer service is top-notch so you can be sure that if there are any problems with your order, they will take care of them ASAP. Thanks for reading our Giti Tires review!