Geico Rv Insurance Reviews

Are you an avid RV traveler? Do you spend your days exploring the open road and taking in all that nature has to offer? If so, then you know how important it is to have reliable insurance coverage for your home on wheels. Enter Geico RV Insurance – one of the most well-known and trusted names in the insurance game.

But does their coverage actually live up to the hype? In this article, we’ll dive into Geico’s RV offering to provide you with everything you need to know before choosing them as your provider. So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get started!

What Does Geico RV Insurance Cover?

Geico RV Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your recreational vehicle. The policy covers physical damage to your RV, including collision and theft. Geico also provides liability coverage in the event that you are at fault in an accident and cause injury or property damage to someone else.

If you need roadside assistance, Geico has got you covered with its emergency roadside service program. This includes services like towing, jump-starts, lockout assistance, and tire changes.

Geico’s RV insurance policy can also provide coverage for personal belongings stored inside the RV. This means that goods like clothing, electronics or furniture can be insured under this policy.

Additionally, if you plan on renting out your RV to others when you’re not using it yourself – Geico offers rental reimbursement should anything happen while it is rented out.

Geico’s RV insurance policy provides extensive coverage for all types of recreational vehicles so that owners can have peace of mind while they enjoy their travels.

How Much Does Geico RV Insurance Cost?

Geico RV Insurance offers competitive rates for its coverage. The cost of insurance, however, depends on several factors such as the type of RV you have, your driving history and location, among others.

The average price of Geico’s RV insurance is around $1,000 to $2,000 per year or roughly between $80 to $150 per month. This rate varies depending on the level of coverage and deductible you choose.

Geico also offers a flexible payment plan that allows policyholders to pay their premiums monthly or annually according to their budget preference.

It’s worth noting that Geico provides discounts for safe drivers with good driving records and those who install anti-theft devices in their RVs. Additionally, bundling your car and home insurance policies with Geico can also save you money on your overall premium costs.

Geico RV Insurance provides affordable coverage options for all types of recreational vehicles at competitive prices compared to other providers in the market.

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Geico RV Insurance Discounts

Geico RV Insurance offers discounts to help their customers save money on their policies. One of the best ways to lower your premiums is by bundling your RV insurance with other Geico policies, such as auto or home insurance.

Geico also provides a discount for safe drivers who have completed an approved driving course. This program can be especially beneficial for those who are new to driving RVs or those looking to refresh their skills.

Additionally, Geico offers a multi-vehicle discount that applies when you insure more than one recreational vehicle with them. This can result in significant savings over time and is ideal for families or groups traveling together in multiple RVs.

Geico has a loyalty discount program that rewards long-time customers with lower rates on their policies. The longer you stay insured with Geico, the more you’ll save on your premiums.

Taking advantage of these discounts can make Geico’s already-affordable rates even more budget-friendly for RV owners looking for comprehensive coverage options.

Pros and Cons of Geico RV Insurance

Geico RV Insurance comes with several advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before purchasing the policy.

One of the significant benefits of Geico RV insurance is its customizable coverage options. You can tailor your policy to match your specific needs, such as roadside assistance, full-timer’s liability coverage, and personal effects coverage. The company also offers excellent customer service with 24/7 support through their phone line or online platform.

Another advantage of Geico RV insurance is the availability of various discounts that could help reduce your premiums. For instance, they offer a multi-policy discount if you have more than one policy with them or a safe driver discount for drivers who maintain an accident-free driving record.

However, there are some limitations to Geico RV insurance too. Firstly, unlike other providers in the market who specialize in recreational vehicle policies only, Geico offers it merely as an add-on product on top of their regular auto insurance policies. This means they may lack extensive knowledge about insuring recreational vehicles properly.

Secondly, while some customers report competitive pricing from Geico for their auto insurance plans, others say that prices can be higher than average when it comes to insuring an RV specifically.

Though – considering both pros and cons – we think that this provider is definitely worth looking into if you’re searching for comprehensive yet flexible coverage at reasonable rates!

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Alternatives to Geico RV Insurance

While Geico RV Insurance might be a great option for many, it’s always important to explore other alternatives to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Luckily, there are several reputable companies that offer similar coverage.

One such alternative is Progressive RV Insurance. They offer customizable policies with options for full-time and part-time RVers, as well as coverage for personal belongings and roadside assistance.

Another option is Nationwide RV Insurance. Their policies cover liability, collision, and comprehensive damage, along with optional add-ons like vacation liability and emergency expenses.

If you’re looking for more specialized coverage, Foremost RV Insurance might be the way to go. They offer specific protection for motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers and campers; along with options like total loss replacement and emergency expense coverage.

Ultimately it’s wise to shop around from different insurance providers so that you can compare their quotes side-by-side in order to get an idea of what you’re paying relative to others on the market!


After conducting thorough research and analyzing Geico RV Insurance, it is safe to say that it’s a reliable option for RV owners. The coverage options are comprehensive, rates are affordable, and the discounts add value to the policy. Moreover, Geico has an excellent reputation in the insurance industry with high customer satisfaction ratings.

However, like any other insurance provider, Geico also has its downsides such as limited availability and lack of specialized coverage for full-time RVers. Therefore, if you’re looking for more tailored options or have unique requirements for your RV insurance policy, you may want to explore other alternatives.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer traveling across the country, having adequate protection for your vehicle is crucial. By doing comparative research on different providers like Geico and weighing their pros against cons will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next RV insurance company.