Delta Dental Insurance Reviews

Looking for a dental insurance plan that meets your needs can be quite a daunting task. With the number of options available, it’s crucial to do your research before settling on one. That’s why we’re here to help! If you’re considering Delta Dental Insurance, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive review. In this post, we’ll cover everything from coverage options and pricing to customer service and satisfaction ratings. So sit back, grab some popcorn (or floss!) and let’s dive in!

Delta Dental Overview

Delta Dental is one of the largest dental insurance providers in the United States. Delta Dental offers a wide range of dental plans, both individual and group plans. Delta Dental has a network of over 152,000 dentists nationwide.

Delta Dental is committed to providing quality dental coverage at an affordable price. Delta Dental plans are customizable, so you can choose the coverage that best meets your needs. Whether you need basic dental care or more comprehensive coverage, Delta Dental has a plan for you.

If you’re looking for an affordable dental insurance plan, Delta Dental is a great option to consider. For more information about Delta Dental plans and coverage, visit their website or give them a call today.

Delta Dental Insurance Plans

When it comes to dental insurance, Delta Dental is one of the most popular choices. They offer a wide variety of plans, so there’s sure to be one that’s right for you. And, if you’re not sure which plan is best for you, their customer service representatives are always happy to help.

Delta Dental offers three different types of plans: DeltaCare USA, Delta Dental Premier, and Delta Dental Patient Direct. DeltaCare USA is a managed care plan that requires you to choose a primary care dentist from their network. Delta Dental Premier is a fee-for-service plan that gives you the freedom to visit any licensed dentist. And Delta Dental Patient Direct is a discount dental plan that allows you to save on your dental care needs at over 100,000 participating dental offices across the country.

No matter which type of plan you choose, you’ll be getting quality dental coverage from a company with over 50 years of experience. So why not give them a try? We think you’ll be glad you did!

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Delta Dental Insurance Cost

The average cost of Delta Dental insurance is $36 per month. This is the cost for the basic plan, which covers preventive care and basic services. For more comprehensive coverage, the cost is $48 per month. These rates are based on quotes from Delta Dental’s website.

How to Sign up for Delta Dental Insurance

To sign up for Delta Dental Insurance, simply go to their website and fill out a short form with your personal information. You’ll then be able to view different plans and prices based on your location and needs. Once you’ve found a plan that fits your budget, you can enroll online and start enjoying the benefits of Delta Dental coverage immediately.

Delta Dental Insurance Customer Reviews

According to Delta Dental Insurance customer reviews, the company is known for its affordable rates and comprehensive coverage. Policyholders appreciate the convenience of online account management and the promptness of customer service. Some reviewers have had problems with claim denials, but overall satisfaction with Delta Dental seems high.

Is Delta Dental Insurance Worth It?

Delta Dental is one of the largest dental insurance companies in the United States. It is available through many employers as a benefit and can also be purchased as an individual plan. Delta Dental plans cover preventive care, such as routine cleanings and exams, at 100 percent. Basic services, such as fillings and extractions, are covered at 80 percent. Major services, such as crowns and bridges, are covered at 50 percent.

There is no annual maximum on Delta Dental plans, so you can use your benefits throughout the year without having to worry about reaching a coverage limit. Delta Dental also has a large network of participating dentists, so finding a provider that accepts your insurance should not be difficult.

However, Delta Dental plans are not perfect. One downside is that they do not cover cosmetic dental procedures, such as teeth whitening or veneers. Additionally, copayments for basic and major services can be high – up to 50 percent of the total cost of the procedure.

Overall, Delta Dental is a solid option for dental insurance. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price, it is worth considering. However, if you want coverage for cosmetic procedures or have significant dental needs, you may want to look into other options.

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How to Compare Different Dental Plans

When it comes to dental insurance, there are a lot of different factors to consider. However, if you’re looking for the best possible coverage, it’s important to compare different plans in order to find the one that’s right for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to compare different dental plans:

1. Determine your needs: The first step is to figure out what kind of dental coverage you need. Are you looking for basic coverage or do you need something more comprehensive? Do you have any existing dental conditions that need to be taken into account? Once you know what you need, you can start narrowing down your options.

2. Compare benefits and costs: Once you’ve determined what kind of dental coverage you need, the next step is to compare the benefits and costs of different plans. Make sure to take into account things like deductibles, co-pays, and maximum benefit limits. Also, be sure to check whether the plan covers preventive care such as cleanings and x-rays.

3. Consider your network: One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a dental plan is whether the plan has a large enough network of dentists in your area. You’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of participating dentists near you so that you can get the care you need without having to travel far or pay out-of-pocket costs.


Delta Dental insurance reviews have generally been positive, as it offers a variety of plans that can be tailored to fit different needs. With its various plan options, coverage levels and customer service ratings, Delta Dental is a top choice for many when it comes to finding the right dental insurance.

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Whether you are looking for basic coverage or more comprehensive protection against major dental expenses, Delta Dental has a plan to suit your budget and lifestyle. So if you’re in need of quality dental care, consider giving Delta Dental Insurance a chance before making your final decision on which provider is best suited for your needs.