Crate And Barrel Furniture Reviews

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your living room or add a statement piece to your bedroom, one of the best places to start looking is Crate and Barrel. The company’s furniture pieces offer an ideal combination of quality, style, and affordability that keeps consumers coming back time and again. But if you’re still not convinced, then this blog post is for you. We will be taking a look at some of the top Crate and Barrel furniture reviews from customers who have purchased items from the brand. Learn more about their experiences with materials, design, and delivery so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for yourself.

Crate and Barrel Overview

Crate and Barrel is one of the most popular furniture retailers in the United States. The company was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. Crate and Barrel operates over 90 stores across the country and offers a wide variety of furniture, including bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, chairs, and more. The company’s website provides customers with a convenient way to shop for furniture online and browse through the latest collections. In addition to selling furniture, Crate and Barrel also offers home decor items, such as rugs, lamps, vases, and more.

History of the company

Crate and Barrel was founded in a small Chicago apartment in 1962 by a young couple, Gordon and Carole Segal. They started out selling only European-style housewares, but soon expanded their selection to include furniture. Today, Crate and Barrel is one of the leading home furnishing retailers in the United States, with over 100 stores nationwide.

The company has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but has stayed true to its core values of quality, value, and customer service. These values have helped make Crate and Barrel one of the most trusted names in home furnishings.

If you’re looking for high-quality furniture at a great value, look no further than Crate and Barrel. With a history of excellence spanning over 50 years, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible product when you purchase from Crate and Barrel.

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Types of furniture offered

Crate & Barrel offers a wide variety of furniture for every room in your home. From sofas and chairs to coffee tables and media units, they have something to suit every taste. Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, their furniture collection has something for everyone.

Pros and cons of Crate and Barrel furniture

When it comes to Crate and Barrel furniture, there are both pros and cons that should be considered before making a purchase. On the plus side, Crate and Barrel furniture is generally very affordable. Additionally, their furniture is usually of good quality and is built to last. However, some people have found that their customer service can be lacking, and that it can be difficult to get replacements or repairs for damaged items. Overall, Crate and Barrel furniture is a good option for those on a budget or who appreciate good quality furnishings.

Alternatives to Crate and Barrel

There are many places to find furniture, and Crate and Barrel is just one option. If you’re looking for alternatives to Crate and Barrel, here are a few other stores that sell furniture:

-IKEA: IKEA is a popular place to buy furniture, and they have a wide variety of pieces. You can find everything from couches to coffee tables to beds at IKEA.

-Target: Target has a great selection of furniture, and it’s usually more affordable than other stores. You can find everything from lamps to rugs to end tables at Target.

-West Elm: West Elm is another popular furniture store, and they offer a wide variety of stylish pieces. You can find everything from dressers to dining room tables to sofas at West Elm.

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Customer reviews

We love hearing from our customers! Here are a few of our favorite Crate and Barrel furniture reviews:

“I absolutely love my new sofa from Crate and Barrel! It’s so comfortable and stylish, and it really makes my living room pop. I’m so glad I decided to go with them!”

“I was a little hesitant to order furniture online, but Crate and Barrel made it so easy and stress-free. My couch arrived in perfect condition and it looks even better in person. I’m definitely a fan!”

“I had an amazing experience shopping for furniture at Crate and Barrel. The salespeople were so helpful and knowledgeable, and I ended up finding the perfect piece for my home. I couldn’t be happier!”


Crate and Barrel furniture is a great option if you’re looking for stylish, modern pieces that will last. Their selection of furniture is vast, so there’s something to suit any home or office space. With their wide variety of colors, materials, and styles, Crate and Barrel can provide the perfect piece of furniture that fits your taste perfectly. Plus, with their excellent customer service and reviews from customers who are satisfied with their purchases, you know you can trust Crate and Barrel to make sure your next purchase is just what you need!