Avenco Mattress Review

The Avenco Original hybrid mattress boasts a medium firm feel. Its construction includes a breathable stretch modal fabric cover, gel memory foam comfort layer, and pocketed coil support core that are all CertiPUR-US certified and free from VOCs.

This mattress provides excellent edge support, enabling it to accommodate those who tend to sleep nearer the sides. Furthermore, its low motion transfer limitation benefits couples.


The Avenco Original Hybrid mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers and combo sleepers alike, featuring a medium-firm feel for optimal support without becoming stiff or uncomfortable. Plus, its contoured surface offers pressure relief encased in a soft modal blend cover encased by pocketed coils to dissipate heat throughout the night and be CertiPUR-US certified while being VOC free – making this environmentally-friendly mattress.

The mattress features five layers, beginning with the stretch knit modal fabric cover that’s designed to wick away moisture and body heat efficiently. Next comes two centimeters of cooling gel memory foam for ultimate cooling, followed by transitional high-density foam for increased bounce and comfort levels, followed by pocketed coils encased within a rail system to enhance edge support and keep it from sagging over time. Finally comes an adjustable foundation layer made up of pocketed coils enclosed in rail system designed to optimize edge support and keep sagging under control – perfect!

This mattress is ideal for combination sleepers due to the pocketed coils in its base layer providing adaptable and motion-isolating responsiveness, meaning you won’t feel your partner move during the night while still benefiting from all-foam mattress features. Furthermore, side sleepers will find this mattress supportive without sinkage issues.

However, this mattress may not be appropriate for stomach sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds as they may not sink deep enough into the foams to feel comfortable or get adequate compression to support spine alignment. Heavy side sleepers could experience their shoulders compressing against each other and exerting pressure onto hips that leads to discomfort or pain upon awakening – in such instances a firmer hybrid or memory foam mattress may provide better support.

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The Avenco Original Hybrid mattress is an ideal option for sleepers seeking both support and cushioning, thanks to its hybrid design featuring foam and coil springs for support while simultaneously reducing motion transfer. Plus, its cooling cover and breathable fabric will keep sleepers cool through the night!

This mattress comes in all standard sizes from Twin to California King and boasts an innovative five-layer construction with stretch knit modal fabric cover that wicks away moisture and body heat, followed by two centimeters of gel memory foam, transition polyfoam layer, and finally pocketed coil core.

CertiPUR-US certification ensures that its foam layers are free from toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and heavy metals, while memory foam features are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which may release into the air upon unboxing and cause an initial chemical smell; this should dissipate quickly over time.

One thing that sets this hybrid mattress apart from others is its superior edge support. Its solid perimeter helps prevent you from sinking into the center, giving more usable space for sitting or sleeping on top. Furthermore, this bed offers additional stability to couples sharing one mattress.

Avenco Original Mattress features a medium firmness level, making it suitable for most sleeping positions including side and stomach sleeping. Furthermore, there is enough lift available to heavyweight sleepers so as to maintain proper spine alignment during restful restful slumber.

Though the Avenco Original offers a firmer feel than most hybrid mattresses, it doesn’t feel as hard as innerspring mattresses – an important consideration for many sleepers. Plus, its light construction makes it easy to move around the bed.

If you’re considering Avenco as your mattress of choice, be sure to review their return policy and sleep trial period in detail before making your purchase. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with their product, they offer returns/exchanges without hassle – unlike many online mattress retailers!

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The Avenco Original Hybrid Mattress leverages innovative technologies to deliver an exceptionally comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. Its five-layer construction includes stretch modal fabric cover, gel memory foam comfort layer, high density transition foam and pocketed coil support core – with its breathable materials helping reduce heat retention and its CertiPUR-US certification guaranteeing its foams are free of harmful toxins such as formaldehyde or heavy metals that could pose risks when sleeping on.

This mattress’s bouncy feel and responsiveness make it suitable for most types of sleepers, including back, stomach and side sleepers as well as those suffering from back pain. Furthermore, its sturdy construction can support up to 300 kg without sinking or sagging; plus its breathable materials don’t trap heat so can even be used by those suffering from allergies.

This mattress’s foam layers offer excellent support for back and stomach sleepers; however, its medium soft feel may not offer sufficient contouring to cradle their spines properly. Furthermore, its bouncy nature makes it difficult to isolate motion from other sleepers; therefore it may not be ideal for couples sharing small spaces.

At an exceptionally budget-friendly price point, this hybrid mattress provides exceptional durability and comfort. Its strong construction and long sleep trial period set it apart from similar products on the market – making it an excellent option for anyone seeking reliable beds at an economical price.

The Avenco Zone Hybrid Mattress is an advanced yet cost-effective mattress featuring innovative technologies to increase comfort, cooling, and responsiveness. Its five-layer construction starts with a stretch knit modal fabric cover which wicks away moisture while helping regulate temperature. Next comes two centimeters of cool and breathable gel memory foam followed by high density transition foam layered on top, enhanced breathability through PK cotton layers that increase breathability as well as pressure relief; finally a pocketed coil support core wrapped by rails of ultra firm foam provides stability edge support; plus its breathable construction helps minimize off-gassing odors upon first unboxing!

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The Avenco Original hybrid mattress offers excellent value at under $500 in king size for anyone on a tight budget. Constructed of gel memory foam and pocketed coils, its 5-layer construction includes a breathable modal fabric cover, gel memory foam comfort layer, high density transition foam layer (HDTF), PK cotton for breathability and pocketed coil support core; plus comes with a 10-year warranty!

Avenco mattresses boast an advantage over many other brands by being constructed using CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning that it contains low levels of toxic substances and chemicals – ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Furthermore, its breathable surface and temperature regulation system ensure you’ll remain cool while you rest.

Back and combo sleepers alike will appreciate this medium-firm mattress, as it conforms to your body for optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief. Its memory foam top layer offers soft cushioning to protect hips and shoulders while still offering firm support to the spine. However, side sleepers may require something softer in order to ensure enough support for their shoulders and knees.

Avenco Original mattresses provide excellent motion isolation features. Their pocketed coils help prevent motion transfer between partners sharing a bed. Individually wrapped coils respond individually and quickly when pressure is applied; this minimizes how much energy can be transferred across different areas of the mattress.

While the Avenco Original mattress is suitable for most sleepers, those who weigh more may experience sinkage too deeply into it and put too much strain on its coils, potentially leading to damage over time.

Avenco hybrid mattresses compete favorably with premium offerings from Saatva, Nectar, and Tuff n Needle, offering 100-night risk-free trial periods and 10-year warranties, making it an attractive option for buyers on tight budgets.