Atlas International Insurance Reviews

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? Whether it’s for leisure or work purposes, having the right insurance plan can make all the difference. That’s where Atlas International Insurance comes in! This global insurance provider has been around since 1998 and offers a range of coverage options for travelers.

But is it worth investing in? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Atlas International Insurance reviews from customers, weigh the pros and cons of their plans, and help you decide if they’re the right choice for your next overseas trip. So let’s dive in!

What is Atlas International Insurance?

Atlas International Insurance is a global insurance provider that specializes in travel medical coverage for individuals and families. Founded in 1998, they have been providing travelers with peace of mind when traveling abroad for over two decades.

Their plans offer comprehensive coverage options such as emergency medical treatment, prescription drugs, hospitalization expenses, and more. The company’s website makes it easy to purchase coverage online or through a licensed insurance agent.

One of the benefits of Atlas International Insurance is their flexible policy periods which can range from five days up to 364 days depending on your needs. They also provide an extensive network of healthcare providers worldwide at discounted rates.

It’s important to note that Atlas International Insurance plans are not intended to replace major medical insurance but rather serve as a supplemental plan while traveling outside your home country. It’s always best to review policy details thoroughly before purchasing any travel insurance plan.

Atlas International Insurance offers reliable travel medical coverage for those planning trips abroad.

What Do Customers Say in Their Atlas International Insurance Reviews?

Atlas International Insurance has been a popular choice for many travelers who want to protect themselves while traveling abroad. But what do customers actually say in their Atlas International Insurance reviews?

Many customers praise the company’s customer service, citing that they are responsive and helpful when it comes to answering questions and processing claims. Some also appreciate the ease of purchasing coverage online.

Others mention the comprehensive coverage options that Atlas offers, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, trip interruption/cancellation protection, and more.

However, some reviewers note that the prices can be a bit higher compared to other insurance providers. Additionally, there have been some complaints about denied claims or difficulty getting reimbursed for expenses.

Many customers seem satisfied with their experience with Atlas International Insurance. It’s always important to read through reviews before making any decisions regarding travel insurance to ensure you choose a provider that best fits your needs.

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Pros and Cons of Atlas International Insurance

Atlas International Insurance offers a variety of benefits that can be attractive to different types of travelers. Here are some pros and cons to consider before purchasing this type of insurance.


One major benefit is that Atlas International Insurance provides coverage for emergency medical expenses when traveling abroad. This can include hospital visits, surgery, and even emergency dental care.

Another pro is the flexibility in choosing your plan length, with options ranging from 5 days to 12 months. This means you can choose the plan duration that best fits your travel plans.

The insurance also covers trip interruption or cancellation due to unexpected events such as illness or injury, which gives peace of mind knowing you won’t lose money on prepaid expenses.
Atlas International Insurance includes coverage for lost or stolen passport and travel documents.


While Atlas International Insurance does offer many benefits, there are also some potential downsides to consider. One con is the lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions unless stated otherwise in the policy document.

Another downside is a relatively high deductible compared to other international travel insurance providers.

Additionally, certain activities such as extreme sports may not be covered under this insurance plan so it’s important to read through all terms and conditions carefully before purchasing.

In summary, while there are both pros and cons associated with Atlas International Insurance policies – ultimately it will depend on your individual needs as a traveler when deciding whether this type of insurance is right for you.

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Should You Get Atlas International Insurance?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to get Atlas International Insurance, there are a few things you should consider. First, think about your travel plans and the level of coverage you need. Atlas offers different levels of coverage depending on your needs and budget.

Another thing to consider is the type of traveler you are. If you’re someone who travels frequently or for extended periods of time, then Atlas may be a good fit for you. Their plans offer comprehensive medical coverage as well as emergency evacuation services in case something goes wrong.

It’s also worth noting that Atlas has received positive reviews from customers who have had to use their services while traveling abroad. Many have praised their customer service and responsiveness in handling claims.

On the other hand, if you’re only planning a short trip or don’t anticipate needing extensive medical coverage while abroad, then another insurance provider may be a better option for you.

Ultimately, whether or not to get Atlas International Insurance depends on your individual needs and circumstances. It’s important to do your research and compare different options before making a decision.

How to Get the Best Rates for Atlas International Insurance

Looking for ways to get the best rates for Atlas International Insurance? Here are some tips that can help you save money on your policy.

First, consider how long you will be traveling and what type of coverage you need. If you plan on staying abroad for an extended period of time, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a longer-term plan. Also, make sure to review the benefits included in each plan so that you don’t pay for extras that you won’t use.

Secondly, consider increasing your deductible. This means that if something happens during your trip and requires medical attention or other expenses covered by your policy, you would have to pay a larger sum upfront before insurance kicks in. While this may seem like a risky move at first glance, it can actually lower your premium costs significantly.

Thirdly, take advantage of any discounts available through membership organizations or employer-sponsored plans. You could also bundle multiple policies together with one provider to further reduce costs.

Compare prices from different providers but ensure they offer similar benefits when purchasing Atlas International Insurance policy. Shopping around allows buyers to find great deals while still maintaining top-notch coverage throughout their travels.

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Atlas International Insurance is a great option for those who travel frequently and need reliable coverage. With its extensive network of healthcare providers and excellent customer service, it has earned high praise from many satisfied customers.

That being said, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider such as the lack of coverage in certain countries or for pre-existing conditions. It’s important to carefully review the policy details and consult with an insurance agent before making a decision.

If you’re looking for comprehensive international health insurance at affordable rates, Atlas International Insurance may be worth considering. Just make sure to do your research beforehand to ensure that it meets all of your specific needs and requirements as a traveler.