7 Best Wholesale Gemstones Suppliers in Australia

If you’re looking for quality wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia, look no further than The GEMological Institute! Our team of experienced professionals are here to help you find the right supplier for your needs, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of the best gemsmiths in Australia so that you can be confident in the quality of the products that you’re purchasing.

What is a wholesale gemstone supplier?

A wholesale gemstone supplier is a business that provides gemstones to other businesses or individuals at a discount. Wholesale suppliers usually have large inventories of gems and can offer lower prices due to their volume buying. The advantage to purchasing from a wholesale supplier is that you can be sure you are getting the best possible price for the gemstone.
The disadvantage to purchasing from a wholesale supplier is that you may not be able to find the same quality of gems as you would from a retail store.

The different types of wholesale gemstone suppliers

When it comes to finding the best wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia, it is important to understand the different types of suppliers available. There are three main types of wholesale suppliers: independent, chain, and direct.

Independent wholesale suppliers are the most common type of supplier in Australia. They are typically small businesses that deal exclusively in selling gemstones to other businesses or individuals. Independent suppliers can be helpful because they have a deep knowledge of the market and are often able to offer better prices than larger chains. However, independents can be difficult to work with because they often have a limited number of customers and may not be able to meet your specific needs.

Chain wholesale suppliers are similar to independent suppliers in that they deal exclusively in selling gemstones. However, chain suppliers are usually larger businesses that have connections with other gemstone dealers around the world. This allows them to offer lower prices on gemstones than independents, but it also means that chain suppliers may not have the same depth of knowledge about the market as independents.

Direct wholesale suppliers are the least common type of supplier in Australia. They are typically large companies that buy gemstones directly from miners or producers around the world. 

The steps of buying and selling gems from a wholesale gemstone supplier

If you’re looking to buy or sell gemstones, whether wholesale or retail, it’s important to know the steps involved. Wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia will typically deal in a range of gemstones and can provide a valuable source of information and advice. Here are the basic steps:

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1. Research the various types of gemstones available from your supplier.
2. Decide on the specific stones you want to buy.
3. Contact your supplier to discuss your requirements and prices.
4. Make an agreement on the price and terms of sale.
5. Carry out a physical inspection of the stones to ensure they meet your expectations.
6. Finalize the sale and arrange for payment.

What to look for in a wholesale gemstone supplier

When shopping for a wholesale gemstone supplier, it is important to do your research. Here are some key factors to consider:

-Location: Look for a supplier who has a location near you. This will make it easier for you to visit and inspect the inventory.

-Production volume: Make sure the supplier can produce a large enough quantity of gemstones to meet your needs. You don’t want to be limited in your choice of gems.

-Gem quality: Look for a supplier with high quality standards. You want to be sure the gems you purchase are of the best quality available.

-Price: Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices with a reputable supplier. It’s important to find a supplier who offers competitive prices while still providing high quality gems.

How to find a wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia

There are a few things you need to consider before you start looking for a wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia. First, make sure the supplier has a good reputation. You want to be sure that the company you’re working with is reputable and has a good track record with customers. Second, research the types of stones the supplier offers. Make sure to find out what kinds of stones are popular right now, and find a supplier that offers stones from those types. Finally, be sure to ask the supplier questions about their stones before making any purchases. You want to be 100% sure that you’re getting what you expected from your purchase.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to find a great wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia!

Best Gemstones Suppliers in Australia

If you’re in the market for high-quality gemstones, you’ll want to check out some of the best wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia. Here are five of the best:

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1. Blue Nile: This online retailer is famous for its wide selection of quality gems and minerals, as well as its competitive prices. You can find everything from loose stones to jewelry and even stone curiosities.

2. ABC Gemstore: This store is known for its top-quality diamonds, ruby gems, and other precious stones. You can find everything from loose diamonds to custom-made jewelry.

3. The GEMMASTORE: This store has a wide selection of quality gemstones and minerals, as well as jewelry and other accessories made with those materials. You can find everything from loose stones to finely cut diamond rings and earrings.

4. Premier Gemstones: This online retailer sells a variety of quality gems, including rubies, sapphires, and turquoise. You can also find custom-made jewelry here.


If you are looking for wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia, then Simplygems is the supplier for you. We have a wide range of gemstones and minerals for you to choose from, and we can ship your order anywhere in Australia. Our prices are very reasonable, and we offer free shipping on orders.

Simplygems is a reliable supplier and we will always provide you with the best quality gemstones and minerals available. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale gemstone suppliers in Australia!


A top Australian supplier of silverstone jewelry, Silverstone is a family-owned business since 1973. Specializing in wholesale gemstone supplies, Silverstone provides an extensive range of gemstones, including fine diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Silverstone’s experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With a wide selection of gemstones and exquisite craftsmanship, Silverstone is a trusted source for high-quality gems in Australia.

Whether you’re looking for rare and unique gemstones or just want to shop for the best value, Silverstone has what you need. Contact the team today to learn more about their products and services.


We are a wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia and we are proud to offer our customers the widest range of quality gemstones and jewellery at prices that can’t be beat. Our gemstone selection includes top quality gems like rubies, sapphires, turquoises, and diamonds, as well as many other rare and precious stones. We also carry a wide variety of jewellery items, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets.

If you’re looking for high-quality gemstones at affordable prices, then look no further than Sdkgemstones – your source for wholesale gemstone supplies in Australia!

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Torresjewelco is a wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia. We offer a wide range of high-quality gemstones and minerals, including turquoise, sapphire, ruby, peridot, amethyst, and more. Our products are ethically sourced and hand-selected for quality and value.

If you’re looking for the best selection of gemstones and minerals available in Australia, look no further than Torresjewelco. We offer competitive prices and a variety of options to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!


We are a wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia. We offer a large variety of high quality natural and synthetic stones at great prices.
Our stones come from around the world, and we offer a wide range of colors, cuts, and sizes. We also have an extensive collection of cabochons, beads, and jewelry pieces.
If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer with Lanegems, please contact us at sales@lanegems.com.au.


Auscrystals is a reputable wholesale gemstone supplier in Australia. We offer natural, Lab-Grown and synthetic gemstones at discounted prices.

We specialize in RainbowGems and offer a wide variety of colors and cuts to choose from. Our Gemstones are 100% genuine and ethically sourced.

Our team of experts is always available to help you find the perfect gemstone for your needs. We guarantee satisfaction with all of our products.


Gemstonetradingco supplies high quality, wholesale gemstone products to jewellery and other fine art dealers in Australia. Our extensive range of gemstones includes rubies, sapphires, turquoises, amethysts and diamonds. We offer free shipping on all orders over $100 and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our items.

If you are looking for the best quality gemstones at the best prices, then Gemstonetradingco is the supplier for you!


When you’re shopping for wholesale gemstones, it’s important to find a supplier who can meet your specific needs. That means finding a supplier who can provide you with high-quality stones at an affordable price, as well as providing support if you have any questions or problems along the way. With so many suppliers available on the internet, finding the right one for you shouldn’t be too difficult. Check out our list of top Australian wholesalers to find someone who meets your needs and expectations.