11 Top Clothing Manufacturers in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, has a thriving apparel industry. With a population of over 7 million people, Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated areas, making it an ideal location for clothing manufacturers.

The Clothing Manufacturing Industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been a major player in the clothing manufacturing industry for many years. The city is home to several major clothing manufacturers, including Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Inditex, and Prada. These companies produce a wide variety of clothing items, including apparel for men, women, and children.

The clothing manufacturing industry in Hong Kong is highly competitive. Companies must compete not only on price, but also on quality and design. Many of the city’s major manufacturers have international operations, which allows them to compete with larger brands on a global scale.

The industry has seen significant growth in recent years. In 2017, Hong Kong was the fourth-largest clothing exporter in the world, behind China, the United States, and Germany. This growth is likely due to increasing demand from mainland China and other Asian countries.

Despite this growth, the industry faces several challenges. One issue is the high cost of labor in Hong Kong. This makes it difficult for companies to lower prices without sacrificing quality. Another challenge is the pollution caused by textile production facilities. Pollution can cause respiratory problems for employees and residents near these facilities.

Production Process

Hong Kong clothing manufacturers often use the same production process for both men’s and women’s garments, with some adjustments for different fabrics and colors.

The basic steps are similar for both types of clothing, but there are a few extra steps that must be taken when making women’s garments. In general, these steps include:

1. Sewing the pieces of fabric together using a wide variety of stitches.
2. Cutting out the patterns using a cutting machine or scissors.
3. Applying the patterns to the fabric using a ruler and seam ripper.
4. Making any necessary adjustments to the patterns before sewing them into place.
5. Trimming any excess fabric from around the edges of the garment.
6. Finishing touches such as pressing seams and hemming clothes.

Types of Clothes Manufactured in Hong Kong

Manufacturers of clothing in Hong Kong produce a vast array of garments, from formal wear to sports clothing. There are three main types of clothes manufacturers in Hong Kong: small apparel companies, medium-sized apparel companies, and large apparel companies.

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Small apparel companies produce primarily casual clothing, such as jeans and T-shirts. Medium-sized apparel companies produce more upscale clothing, such as suits and dresses. Large apparel companies produce the most expensive items, such as couture fashion. All three types of companies have factories all over the island.

The main competition for clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong comes from China. Chinese manufacturers are able to produce cheaper versions of designer clothing that often sells well in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong manufacturers are able to maintain a higher price point for their products than their Chinese counterparts. This allows them to remain profitable despite strong competition from China.

Export and Import of Clothes Manufactured in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major hub for the export and import of clothing manufactured in Hong Kong. The city is home to a number of apparel manufacturers, including some of the world’s top brands. In 2012, Hong Kong exported $14.4 billion worth of clothing and footwear, making it the country’s fourth-largest export sector after electrical machinery and equipment, chemicals and plastics products. The city’s leading garment exporters are China and Taiwan. Hong Kong also imports clothes from countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Japan and Germany. The city’s garment industry employs around 150,000 people.


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Novapalm is a clothing manufacturer in Hong Kong. They produce a variety of clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and pants. Novapalm also offers a variety of customization options, so customers can personalize their clothing items to fit their unique style.


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Hi Style

Hong Kong is a vibrant, bustling city that never sleeps. This also means that the fashion industry is always on the move and constantly evolving. As such, it’s no surprise that there are a number of clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong. Here are five of the best:

1. Kaosu Clothing Manufacturing Co Ltd.
Kaosu is one of the most well-known clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong, with a wide variety of stylish clothing available for purchase. They offer an extensive range of womenswear, menswear, and kids’ clothes, as well as accessories.

2. Ichi-Ichi Clothing Co Ltd.
Ichi-Ichi is another well-known clothing manufacturer in Hong Kong, specializing in high-quality garments for men and women. They have a wide selection of clothing items, from formal attire to casual clothing.

3. Beams Plus Clothing Co Ltd.
Beams Plus is a leading fashion apparel supplier in Hong Kong and has been manufacturing garments since 1978. They offer an extensive range of men’s and women’s clothing as well as swimwear and athleisure wear.


Mta is a clothing manufacturer in Hong Kong. They produce a variety of clothing items, including T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatpants. Mta also produces unique items such as bike jerseys and rainwear.

Hong Kong is a territory of China and one of the most diverse cities in the world. With over 700 years of history, Hong Kong has a rich culture and heritage. The city is also known for its luxury shopping and its influential fashion industry. The clothing manufacturing industry in Hong Kong is one of the largest in Asia.

Some of the leading clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong are Manta, Li & Fung, and Chow Tai Fook. These companies produce a wide range of clothes, from sportswear to formal wear. They also offer a variety of customization services, so that customers can create their own unique style.

The textile industry in Hong Kong is very competitive. Manufacturers must compete not only with each other, but also with garment factories in mainland China. However, the city’s strong economy and well-established fashion industry have helped make it one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Asia.


Msenvy is a Hong Kong based clothing manufacturer that produces high quality clothing for both men and women. They offer a wide range of clothing ranges including sportswear, formal wear, and casual wear. Their clothing is made from high quality materials and is designed to last.

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If you are looking for high quality clothing at affordable prices, then check out Msenvy.


In the past, Hong Kong was known as a manufacturing hub for garments. However, with the rapid development of other regions in China and increasing competition from other countries, the garment industry in Hong Kong has seen declining demand and falling profits. In response to this decrease in demand, many clothing manufacturers have moved their production to mainland China.

Despite this shift, some clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong have continued to produce high-quality garments. They have done so by adapting to the changing market and by utilising new technology. For example, some companies have developed 3D printing technologies to create customised clothes. This has allowed them to compete with garment manufacturers in mainland China who are able to produce uniforms for large companies at a lower cost.

As the garment industry continues to decline in Hong Kong, it is important for companies to research and develop new strategies in order to stay competitive.


The clothing industry in Hong Kong is flourishing, with many fashion- forward and high-end designers setting up shop in the city. This has created a market for high-quality and luxurious clothing, which is why many of the city’s top clothing manufacturers are focused on this segment.

Some of the city’s top m include Bossini, Davids Bridal, and SPANX, among others. They all produce high quality clothes that are carefully designed to meet the needs of modern women. These manufacturers have a deep understanding of what makes a woman feel confident and beautiful, and they work hard to provide their customers with stylish and affordable clothing options.


Clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong can take advantage of the many benefits offered by the Hong Kong SAR economy. These companies can benefit from a highly skilled and educated workforce, competitive business environment, and access to major markets throughout Asia. As fashion trends change rapidly, clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong are well-positioned to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry.